About us


About Us

Adriana Herrera and Damián Desmarás

Tango is our life! We have been dancing, teaching and organizing Milongas, Lessons and larger events for many years. Our desire and goal is to nurture and to grow the passion for tango in the Canary Islands. It’s set against this background that we founded our Tango Association in 2011.

We are incredibly excited that the La Mirada Tango meeting has taken root and forms the next stepping stone on our Tango journey. We sincerely hope that you will feel our passion and enthusiasm for Tango in Tenerife.

For many years now we have been travelling to other countries to dance over the New Year. But this year we will be celebrating the New Year at home in the warm winter climate of Tenerife. We are really looking forward to greeting old and new friends from the world of Tango.

Alan Twigg

It took me a long time to discover tango. How can it possibly take so long to discover something that feels so absolutely perfect! That’s how it was for me. Actually, it was my wife that first persuaded me to go on a Tango dance holiday to Italy. I didn’t even want to go!

But since then I have been hooked. I love it all. I love listening to the music, dancing to the music, meeting new people and enjoying the special energy of Tango.

I live in Tenerife where I organize a monthly Milonga, play music and run the island’s tango website. I’m also involved in organizing tango holidays to Tenerife in the north and south of the island.

I’m also a business owner, father of four children and a passionate golfer.

Official Organizer of La Mirada Tango Meeting

Also the official organizer of the Canary Islands Tango Festival

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