Registration for New Year 2019


  • Registration is obligatory and only a full pass registration is possible.
  • Our tango meeting will be 100% gender balanced. We are expecting between 150 – 200 dancers.
  • Pictures and videos will be made during the event
  • Registrations from dance couples and single leaders will be considered. Registration for single followers is already closed due to high demand.

Important: Please do not book your flights or accommodation until you receive a confirmation e-mail from us that your registration is final and accepted. We will consider all registrations and send you FINAL CONFIRMATION within 7 days of your registration.

If you are a dance couple or single male leader, please use the form below to register for the La Mirada Tango Meeting 2019.

Registration Form for Admission and Full Milonga Pass

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If you experience problems with this form, please e-mail us directly at

Please note:

  • This is a gender-balanced meeting. Please do not book flights or accommodation before you received our final confirmation email!.
  • The E-Mail address that you enter below will be used for ALL correspondence. So please forward our e-mails to your partner.